Welcome to Fuse Jobs London

The Fuse Jobs London site has been running since 2006 providing a valuable service of signposting vacancies and recruitment services to tens of thousands of jobseekers, advisers and organisations across the capital. Find:

  • Job vacancies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Help with CV writing or job applications
  • Other employment services

Originally for entry level jobs in London UK, we are now developing this website further to signpost jobseekers and employers to any type of service related to work in London, England.

We will welcome input from anyone in the field of employment, so if you know of a website or resource related to London jobs that may be of interest to our visitors, please contact us at mail@getthatjob.net

First up is the Jobs London website for vacancies and employment consultancies across the capital.

We can include details of companies and organisations based across South East England that serve the city.

This site will include details of positions and recruitment companies in East, West, North, South and Central / City of London, UK.

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